Christian Practice

Christian Practice

The CTL supports PLNU’s Strategic Goals through their second and third goal statements: “An intentionally Christian community” and “Faithfulness to our Nazarene heritage and a Wesleyan theological tradition.” These goals, primarily met by the Wesleyan Center, also align with some of CTL’s work.

Statue of Jesus Calling Peter to Lay Down His Nets and Follow Christian Practice

Christian Practice

The Wesleyan Center has facilitated several Faculty Learning Communities on the book Teaching and Christian Practices: Reshaping Faith and Learning. CTL has partnered with the Wesleyan Center to host faculty-led panel presentations on their implementation of Christian Practices in the classroom.  New Faculty Seminar dedicates several sessions to incorporating faith in the classroom, and the CTL Director participates in these sessions.

Held over several weeks during the summer, Mark Mann, who is a faculty member in the Theology and Christian Ministry department, facilitates reading through Smith & Smith’s Teaching and Christian Practices: Reshaping Faith and Learning with faculty who are interested in building Christian Practices into their courses. Below, you will find examples from PLNU faculty in a variety of disciplines who have implemented Christian Practices into their courses / classrooms.


BIO101:  Human Biology and Bioethics

Sabbath  –  Self-Care  –  Solitude

Dianne Anderson provides a unique approach to Christian Practice in her biology courses, which often leads to life-changing habits for students. Chart on Spiritual Practices for BIO101 Students.


BIO1005: Ecology and Conservation

Worship  –  Care of the Earth  –  Stewardship

April Cordero adopts Christian Practice as a way of instilling in students an appreciation for Earth as an intricate revelation of God’s good work and creative activity.


CHE1003: Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry & CHE4095: Chemistry Senior Capstone Seminar

Devotional Reading  –  Community

Matthieu Rouffet incorporates Scripture reading and fellowship through the sharing of a meal in his classes.


CHE2094: Organic Chemistry I

Intercessory Prayer  –  Blessing Others / Encouragement

Marc Perry encourages his students to pray for each other and to write notes of encouragement to those they pray for throughout the semester.


Education Courses

Hospitality  –  Fellowship & Testimony  –  Intercessory Prayer

Pat Maruca emphasizes Christian Practice as a way of demonstrating God’s care for her teachers-in-training as whole persons, so that they in turn, can give this same care to their own students.


GED662: Counseling and Counseling Theory

Community  –  Service  –  Justice

Dione Brooks Taylor has her students participate in and reflect upon the emotional and social needs of the homeless community, informed by Christian values.


HIS1011: World Civilizations II

Devotional Reading  –  Community

Kelli McCoy engages her students in contributing to Scripture readings in class as well as to practice active “listening” to the stories of others.


Management in Relational Development Capstone Course

Community  –  Service 

Chris Phillips requires her students to incorporate Christian values into their Capstone project strategic plan.


SPA300: Civic Engagement: Conversation, Culture, Community

Compassion  –  Empathy  –  Face-to-face Connection

Scott Bennett provides opportunities for students to meaningfully engage in Christian practice with migrant communities in San Diego and Tijuana.


THEO3060: Life of Holiness

Sabbath  –  Self-Care  –  Solitude

Mark Maddix requires his students to purposefully step back and reflectively engage in Sabbath rest in a variety of ways.


Spiritual Care Statements
Spiritual Care Assessment / From the Office of Spiritual Development

Dr. Mary Paul, Vice President of the Office of Spiritual Development, provides this resource for faculty to be able to direct students where to reach out for spiritual care.

Adjunct Faculty Development Day Presentation:

"Bringing Christianity Pedagogy and Practice into Your Classroom" with Mark Maddix, TCM, Dianne Anderson, Biology, Pat Maruca, SOE, and Jo Clemmons, CTL on August 20, 2022

Stiudents gathering for chapel at PLNU Christian Practice

Chart on Spiritual Disciplines

The Chart on Spiritual Disciplines is taken from Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices that Transform Us by Adele Calhoun.  It offers faculty 43 different spiritual practices to spark ideas that can be used to bring Christian Practice into their courses.

Bible on stand in church Christian Practice

Wesleyan Tradition

To find out more about PLNU’s Wesleyan Tradition, follow the link provided below to the Wesleyan Center’s detailed site.