Adjunct Faculty Development

Adjunct Faculty Development

Adjunct Faculty are an integral part of teaching and community at PLNU. The Center for Teaching and Learning supports their teaching and community building through the workshops we provide. Adjunct Faculty Development Day, which occurs in the fall, is dedicated to this diverse, talented, and much appreciated group of faculty. 

Adjunct Faculty Development Day, August 19, 2023

This year we heard wonderfully useful presentations from two amazing PLNU Faculty on ways to improve feedback for students! Visit the link.

Handouts and Resources from Presentations:

Student Resources

Helping Distressed Students

Barbara Klett’s SuperTools in Canvas

Adjunct Faculty Development Day, August 20, 2022

Adjunct Faculty Development Day, August 20, 2022

“Where do we go from here? Helping students get back on track”
In response to the toll COVID, Zoom, anxiety and isolation have taken on students and their learning, we discuss the problems of low attendance, focus and motivation and many other things. We’ll be working together to come up with a plan to move forward.
Presenters: Max Butterfield (Psy) Jo Clemmons, (CTL), Gayle Sollfrank, (CTL, History).

“Bringing Christian pedagogy and practice into your classroom”  
As professors at a Christian University, we have the freedom and privilege to bring our faith into our classrooms.
Presenters: Dianne Anderson, (Bio), Jo Clemmons, (CTL), Mark Maddix (Theo) , Pat Maruca, (SOE)

Adjunct Faculty Development Day, August 21, 2021

 “Caring for our Students, Caring for Ourselves” was facilitated by Dr. Heather Bertrand, Dr. Lisa Raser, and Dr. Monique Sawyer. Find all of the handouts and video recordings of the presentations here.

How Learning Works

How Learning Works
Adjunct Development Day, August 24, 2019
Jo Clemmons and April Cordero

Handouts from Presentation: