Teach Through Video Series

Teach Through Video Series

What are the benefits of creating a good teaching video?

  • Well-created videos give the instructor an edge when it comes to effectively engaging their audience with content.
  • Well-created video content enhances student learning by allowing students to re-engage with specific content 24/7 for study and review. This inclusive practice will help all of the learners in the classroom.
  • A well-created video will engage a learner visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically.
  • Kinesiology Professor, Dr. Jacob Goodin, is CTL’s 2021-22 Hadley Fellow, and he has been creating his own video lecture content for a while. Goodin has refined his video pedagogy in a way that truly enhances student learning for both face-to-face and online classes. Students like having this content available 24/7 for study and review. In this “Teach Through Video Series,” Goodin will demonstrate how to create engaging teaching videos.

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