Sample Syllabus Policies

Sample Syllabus Policies

Sample From PSY308

John Wu, Ed.D.,  Psychology

I strongly recommend not using laptops in class. The reasons are threefold:

  1. It is hard to not check other things, which impairs your learning. You most likely are not aware of the impairment, but the research is quite clear.
  2. Even if it doesn’t impair your learning, it impairs others learning.
  3. You write more but learn less. Writing your notes creates synthesis which increases your learning.

So, I am asking you not to use laptops unless you need or strongly prefer a laptop to take notes. In that case, talk to me, and we will make that work.

Sample From BUS313

Kim Hogelucht, Ph.D.,  Business

Classroom Environment. Respect for the person who is speaking in the front of the class is to be maintained at all times. Laptops and cell phones should be shut off and put away for the duration of the class period (unless otherwise instructed by the professor). If any distracting behavior is noted during class lectures, discussions, or presentations, the student will be contacted by the instructor. The second warning will result in either the student being asked to leave (which would count as an absence for the day) or the loss of the student’s participation points. If the instructor suspects any cheating on an assignment and/or exam, the student will received a zero for that exam/assignment, and/or the student may be asked to leave the class. Critical to a class such as this, where classmates are disclosing their own visions, values, goals, and skills, is an environment of trust and respect. (*Note: Be sure your cell phone is turned to silence mode and put away at the beginning of all class periods. It is out of consideration that you avoid all interruptions to classmates during presentations and instructors during lectures.)

Sample From BIO380

Kris Koudelka, Ph.D.,  Biology

Class participation (25 points) – I teach largely by lecture / discussion style. I hope that everyone will participate in the discussion through asking and answering questions. Your general class participation includes discussion, attentiveness, iClicker participation, not abusing computer privileges or checking texts. I realize that this is a large class and therefore, it is hard to directly participate all the time. Thus, I am requiring iClickers and will have questions throughout the course that you must answer by your iClicker.  I am looking for thought and participation, not whether or not you answered the question correctly.

Cell phones must be silenced before class begins, and use during class is not permissible unless specifically directed to do so. Points may be deducted from your grade for in-class cell phone use.