Techniques for Teaching Online – Training Videos

Techniques for Teaching Online – Training Videos

Kitchen Studio Filming with Rouffet

The following videos were recorded from webinars and training sessions with PLNU faculty and instructional designers. They contain a variety of topics. For further details about the Host or Presenters, for a larger view, for the time-stamped outline, or closed captioning, please view in YouTube.

Discussion Boards

Facilitating Effective Online Discussions with Brian Udermann, Director of Online Education, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
July 16, 2020
Using Discussion Boards – PLNU Faculty Panel
July 30, 2020
Brittany Johnson, Jamie Gates, Kellye Carroll, Kevin Doyle, and Bettina Pedersen

Streamline Grading

Specifications Grading: Streamline Grading Using Specs Grading
Linda Nilson, Clemson University
Presentation to PLNU Faculty on July 8, 2020

Small Teaching Online with Flower Darby

Small Teaching Online
Flower Darby – Educator, Author, Speaker
July 22, 2020
Online courses present unique challenges for both students and faculty. Small teaching can help. Flower Darby presents practical, evidence-based changes you can make in your online teaching practice, small but impactful adjustments that result in significant gains in student engagement and learning. 
Whether you’re new or experienced online faculty, you’ll gain brief learning activities, minor course design modifications, and simple changes to your communication with online students, based on the approach outlined in Flower Darby’s book, Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes (2019).
Fostering Virtual Connections that Invigorate Student Learning and Persistence with Flower Darby
September 23, 2020
Online courses are often characterized by a feeling of disconnectedness for both students and faculty. Yet we know that feeling connected can help us engage, persist and learn in any learning context. We’ll explore the value of making connections with our students, and helping them to connect new concepts and ideas for themselves, to deepen and improve their learning.
 Flower Darby is the author of Small Teaching Online, a timely book written from her perspective as an experienced online instructor. Flower writes, presents and consults on teaching and learning theory and practice both nationally and internationally, and is a regular contributor to The Chronicle of Higher Ed, ACUE and Magna. She’s the Assistant Dean of Online and Innovative Pedagogies at Northern Arizona University, where she’s taught for over 24 years.

Student-to-Content Tools and Ideas

TNT with Denise Necoechea, PLNU Faculty in SOE
June 16, 2020
Denise walks attendees through her completely asynchronous course which uses self-paced learning experiences utilizing a broad array of non-lecture-based activities. Her use of Universal Design for Learning to communicate content and assignments to students is exemplary.
Online Teaching Tools – Creating Engagement with Paul Schmelzenbach (EdPuzzle), Mike Dorrell (Videos in Canvas Quizzes), Daphney Wadley (Videos for Reflective Assignments), and Bernard Johnson (Pronto).
June 18, 2020
Using EdPuzzle to Create Content Videos with Embedded Questions with Paul Schmelzenbach, PLNU Physics & Engineering Faculty
June 19, 2020

Making Zoom Interactive w/ Megwen Loveless

Megwen Loveless, Tulane University
Making Zoom Interactive: Converting Collaborative Content Online
July 1, 2020
Corresponding PowerPoint (download here)
Megwen Loveless, Tulane University
Making Zoom Interactive: Converting Collaborative Content Online
August 12, 2020
Corresponding PowerPoint (download here)

Student-to-Student Collaboration Tools and Ideas

TNT Using Collaborations with Small Groups in Canvas with Gayle Sollfrank, PLNU Adjunct, History
June 23, 2020
Student-to-Student Engagement through Collaborations
August 4, 2020
Jo Clemmons, April Cordero, Gayle Sollfrank, Robbie Maakestad, Breeann Kirby, and Ted Vickey

Team-Based Learning with Bill Roberson

PLNU CTL: Team-Based Learning Online: A Chat with Bill Roberson
June 10, 2020

Transitioning to Online Teaching

TNT with Mattieu Rouffet, PLNU Faculty, Chemistry
June 11, 2020
Matthieu shares about putting his Chemistry 1002 Course into a 5-week, online format.
Mark Maddix and Donna Marvel discuss going from face-to-face to online learning.
June 25, 2020
Corresponding PowerPoint (download here)