Teaching Online Toolkit

Teaching Online Toolkit

How will my course work remotely? While not all teaching methods are represented here, it is our goal to give you ideas and tools on how to make the best transition to good teaching online. We are also here to help.

Lecture Plus

I use lecture to deliver content. I ask questions and respond to students during class. Students do homework and I give quizzes and/or tests. Tools you could use include:

Canvas for:

  • Distributing worksheets



  • How to use Whiteboard in Zoom for showing/walking through worked examples, problems, or visual explanations

Student Interaction

I use Student Interaction with the course material to build basic concepts and to assess where my students are in their understanding of these concepts.

  • Video lecture with Q&A pauses
  • Worksheets to be filled out during lecture

Group Work, Team-Based Learning, Peer Instruction

I use Group Work to build community, and higher-levels of thinking and metacognitive skills with the students. While Group Work can take on a variety of forms, the following examples are the most prevalent. Options include Team-Based Learning, person-to-person collaborations, Reading Graphic Organizer small groups, and Jigsaw can all be re-created for the online environment. Here’s how…

Canvas for:

Zoom for:

More on Group Work Here.


I use Discussion to help students synthesize their learning, and to engage them in student-to-student and student-to-instructor interactions.

Canvas for:

Facilitating Effective Online Discussions with Brian Udermann, Director of Online Education, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
July 16, 2020
Using Discussion Boards – PLNU Faculty Panel
July 30, 2020
With Brittany Johnson, Jamie Gates, Kellye Carroll, Kevin Doyle, and Bettina Pedersen

Grading and Assessment

Grading for my course includes using rubrics, Credit/No Credit assignments, or Quizzes and Tests.

Canvas for:

Other Apps for:

  • Making Crossword Puzzles with Puzzlemaker for Key Term Assessment

Science Labs

Science Labs are a key component of my face-to-face courses. What online supports do I have for conducting these labs in an online format?

Remote Lab Activities and Experiences (Dartmouth)

Online Resources for Science Labs