Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid teaching offers unique challenges and opportunities to the faculty and to the students in those courses. Whether you have taught a hybrid course in the past, or are being faced with teaching a hybrid course in the upcoming semester, here are some resources to help get you grounded. Some of these resources are unique to PLNU, while others are simply good practice ideas.

“Training amidst this crisis gave me insights on what instructors new to synchronous teaching struggled with the most.  In this article, I share these insights and provide four strategies for optimizing the student experience in synchronous sessions.”   

Zahir I. Lateef, “Synchronous Strategies for the ‘New Normal’,” Faculty focus, July 13, 2020.
To read this article in full, follow the link here.

The models below were put together by PLNU’s TUG Committee. They provide guidance as faculty try to adapt their courses to a hybrid model.

Sample of Hybrid Plus Model #1
Sample of Hybrid Plus Model #2
Sample of Traditional Hybrid Model